Your hair is a symbol of youth and status and is the first thing people notice about you therefore the first thing you’re judged on.
When your hair is full, thick and well-groomed your confidence level is higher and people perceive you as youthful, healthy and pulled together.
But when your hair is thin and your scalp is showing you are perceived as old and like you don’t take care of yourself which I know is simply not true for a majority of Americans. There are many reasons for hair loss:
Consistent stress

Genetics – thanks mom and dad!

Pregnancy and hormones

Chronological Aging


Life-saving medications like blood thinners 
    all of which are typically out of your control or simply are a part of life.
    This is Dustin, co-founder of Tortoise & Hair fibers, a balding guy who was once embarrassed to go out in public because of my thinning hair and ashamed that you could see my scalp and I was only 22 at the time!
    I suffered from a chemical burn on my scalp in my early 20s, which left me with a large bald spot and then I began seeing male pattern baldness setting in just a few short years later and to this day it continues!
    My confidence level quickly diminished. My youthful appearance was now gone and I was now forced to walk around embarrassed and being unfairly judged. I felt like I was walking around every day with the cone of shame that dogs are forced to wear after surgery.
    I learned about the magic of hair fibers about 6 years ago and it was a game changer, at first! My hair appeared fuller but the fibers were itchy, packed full of synthetic dyes and gave my hair a clumpy dull look.
    As a product developer that has worked in the health and beauty industry for well over a decade and has created hundreds of products, I just knew I could create a superior product that was all natural and create a natural look, while also being extremely comfortable to wear.

    This is why I created Tortoise & Hair fibers. My all-natural hair concealing fibers with mineral based colorants for a healthier and more natural look. Whether you have a receding hairline, fine hair or are experiencing thinning hair
     Tortoise & Hair fibers have a greater natural attraction to your hair creating the appearance of natural, fuller hair. Other fibers made from wool have a weak attraction to your hair and can appear unnatural.
    Tortoise & Hair fibers, are made from Gossypium Herbaceum cotton, I chose this particular exotic plant source because it is the best available and no other source is suited for Tortoise & Hair fibers. Gossypium Herbaceum grows naturally in the wild in Sub-Sharan Africa and is known for its comfortable and breathable properties.
    It all begins with your hair, which naturally has a mild positive electric charge. Gossypium Herbaceum naturally has a mild negative electric charge.
    Like magnets, it is just enough to bond the fibers to your hair and make your hair appear thicker and fuller. This can be explained through the effect of the Triboelectric Series. The farther away they two materials are, the greater the attraction.
    Check out the magnetic bonding magic!
    Triboelectric Series chart shows magnetic bond of Tortoise & Hair fibers to hair
    Tortoise & Hair fibers are unisex, working equally well for men and women. With Tortoise & Hair fibers, no one will notice that your hair is thinning. No matter if you are wanting to make a great first impression, or have everyday coverage for fuller looking hair, Tortoise & Hair fibers will build your confidence and change the way you feel about yourself. Just like a tortoise shell offering coverage and protection, you won’t want to leave your home without Tortoise & Hair fibers.
    I recently had the pleasure of working with an individual by the name of Sam to get some before and after photos using Tortoise & Hair fibers. Sam walked in with low self-esteem and had no faith that anything would be able to help conceal his thinning hair. I sat him down in a chair with no mirror in sight and applied Tortoise & Hair fibers.
    When he stood up and looked in the mirror, he sat there in complete awe. Sam began losing his hair in his early 30s and had gone decades without anybody, even his closest friends and family, seeing him with his hat off. He now walks with a new outlook on life and is thrilled to feel comfortable enough to not have to wear his hat every day that he wore when I met him. 
    I want everyone to have this experience and I'm confident that you can experience the same results.
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    My hat's off to you!
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