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How To Use

Dry and style your hair as usual, then apply hair fibers

Instructional image showing how to shake a bottle of fibers onto your thinning areas

Shake or Spray

Tilt the bottle 45 degrees, gently shake or tap to disperse in the thinning area, adjusting the tilt to control the amount. Begin at the back of your head, moving forward. Gradually build natural coverage through repeated applications until achieving the desired result.

Instructional image showing how to pat the fibers into place

Pat into Place

Gently pat your hair between applications to settle the fibers.

Instructional image showing how to apply hair spray for an extra strong hold

For Extra Hold

Once finished, you may apply hair spray to lock in the fibers for an extra strong hold.

Tortoise and Hair Spray Applicator on a bottle of hair fibers

For Precision Application

Our Tortoise & Hair Spray Applicator easily attaches to our fiber bottles and allows you to apply our hair fibers precisely every time!

Our custom nozzle and pump allow you to
target the specific area where you want to have fuller coverage. 

Tortoise and Hair Hairline perfecting comb and case

Perfect Hairlines

The Hairline Perfector creates a soft and natural appearance, creating a hairline with an organic flow rather than a rigid, unnatural straight line.