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How Tortoise & Hair Fibers Work

Tortoise & Hair fibers are made with a cotton that is naturally attracted to human hair. Like magnets, it is just enough to magically bond the hair fibers to your thinning hair, making your hair appear thicker and fuller. The natural magnetic attraction can be explained through the effect of the Triboelectric Series...the farther away from each other on the chart, the greater the attraction.

Infographic showing the Triboelectric Series and where Tortoise and Hair fibers fall on the spectrum

Simply put, our fibers are: 

  • Cotton with a natural static electric charge that are attracted to your hair
  • Dyed with mineral based colors to naturally match your hair
  • Cut into small fibers that easily blend with any texture of hair 
  • Easy to use, simply shake or spray onto your thin/thinning areas

Just like a tortoise shell offering coverage and protection, you will want to add your hair fibers for fuller hair every day. 

Tortoise & Hair fibers are easy to apply. Watch this video to see how you can have fuller hair in less than a minute.

Watch how easy it is to apply

Watch how easy it is to apply