Darnell B

I started noticing my hair thinning when I was about 27 which was a total shock because everyone in my family for generations had a full thick head of hair. I tried what feels like every supplement, treatment and shampoo that promised fuller hair and nothing worked for me. So when I found Tortoise & Hair fibers it was a total game changer! It's easy to apply and looks fantastic. Woo hoo, my hair looks full again! Thank you!!

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Danny D

The taboo is finally over! My hair started thinning when I was about 19 so I did the comb-over thing to mask it. That worked until I’d go to a club and start dancing and get all sweaty and I felt my cover was blown because now girls could tell my hair was thinning. I had given up and figured I’d be shaving my head before I turned 30 but now with Tortoise & Hair fibers my confidence is back and my hair looks full again. The first time I tried the fibers I was completely surprised how natural it looks and how comfortable they are to wear. Thank you so much for helping me gain my confidence back!

 I would recommend Tortoise & Hair fibers to a friend

Mario M

Finding Tortoise & Hair fibers has dramatically improved the way I feel about myself. Before, when I’d look in the mirror I didn’t look myself or feel like myself. I felt like I looked older, less healthy and it made it very difficult for me to date because it’s all I could think about. I used several different topical creams and supplements with very little positive results and side effects that I didn’t care for or find necessary.  

 I would recommend Tortoise & Hair fibers to a friend