About Us

I'm Dustin Wesley, co-founder of Tortoise & Hair fibers. I suffered from a chemical burn on my scalp in my early 20s leaving a bald spot and then began seeing male pattern baldness setting in just a few years later.
I always wanted to wear a hat, to cover my head and conceal my thinning hair until I learned about hair fibers about 6 years ago. It was a game changer for me. My hair appeared fuller, however the fibers were itchy, packed full of synthetic dyes and gave my hair a clumpy dull look.
As a product developer working in the health and beauty industry for well over a decade, I decided to create a superior product that would create a more natural look while also being extremely comfortable to wear. This is why I created Tortoise & Hair fibers. All-natural hair concealing fibers with mineral based colorants for a healthier and more natural look.
Whether you have a receding hairline, fine hair or are experiencing thinning hair Tortoise & Hair Fibers will work for you. Here's me with and without fibers.

My hat's off to you!
Easy to apply Tortoise & Hair fibers. Conceals hair loss, thinning hair and roots between visits to your stylist.