It all begins with your hair, which naturally has a mild positive electric charge. Tortoise & Hair fibers, made from Gossypium Herbaceum cotton, naturally have a mild negative electric charge. Like magnets, it is just enough to magically bond the fibers to your hair and make your hair appear thicker and fuller. This can be explained through the effect of the Triboelectric Series. The farther away they are, the greater the attraction.

Triboelectric Series chart shows magnetic bond of Tortoise & Hair fibers to hair

Other fibers made from wool have a weak attraction to your hair and can appear unnatural. Tortoise & Hair fibers have a greater attraction to your hair creating the appearance of natural, fuller hair. 

We chose this particular exotic plant source because it is the best available, and nothing like any other source suited for Tortoise & Hair fibers. Unlike other cheap imitations, Tortoise & Hair fibers are all natural and use minerals for colorants. Tortoise & Hair fibers do not contain any synthetic dyes, chemicals, artificial fillers, preservatives or animal ingredients.

Tortoise & Hair fibers are unisex, working equally well for men and women. With Tortoise & Hair fibers, no one will notice that your hair is thinning. No matter if you are wanting to make a great first impression, or have everyday coverage for fuller looking hair, Tortoise & Hair fibers will build your confidence and change the way you feel about yourself.

Just like a tortoise shell offering coverage and protection, you won’t want to leave your home without Tortoise & Hair fibers. 


Tortoise & Hair fibers are easy to apply

Watch this video to see how you can have fuller hair in less than a minute.



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